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Volunteer Robert took the lovely Louie out for the afternoon and what a good boy he was. Here are some pictures from his day

That handsome face

Louie walks well on a lead

Very happy to have home comforts

Tuckered out

You can find Louie on the Dogs for Rehoming page. If you would like to meet this cheeky chappy call the shelter on 0116 2599399 to make an appointment


Queenie had a day trip with former resident Cassius to Bradgate Park and what a great day she had!

We're off


Queenie with Cassius




Queenie having a roll in the grass



What's over there?

We made it to the top!



Queenie trying to get a kiss!

Time to make our way back down


Time for a dip!




Queenie made lots of new friends

Walking nicely together

Queenie travelled nicely in the back seat of the car and was ready for her tea!


Queenie was very well behaved and was friendly towards all the dogs she met. You can find her on the Dogs for Rehoming if you would like to book an appointment please call the shelter on 0116 2599399



Zeus had a day out at Foxton Locks with volunteer Joanne. Here's his day:

Zeus was very well behaved on his day out to foxton locks festival, he travelled ok in the car attached with a dog seatbelt. Zeus played with two other dogs and met loads of others while out, he won over everybody he said hello too and got spoiled with bits of ice cream, burgers, pizza etc. His recall and basic training is coming on nicely but he will need someone to reinforce this when in a home. Zeus is a lovely boy and I can't believe he is still at the rescue!

If you would like to meet Zeus please book an appointment on 0116 2599399


Joanne has been busy and taken the lovely Marley for a day out at Rutland Water. Here's what Jo had to say about her trip:

Marley was very well behaved on her day out to Rutland Water, she was perfect in the car and in the house. She was good with my Grandma, didn't jump up or act boisterous, in fact she was very content lying down by her feet! At Rutland water she walked nicely and wasn't bothered by the amount of people or bikes that were going past, she did pull to get to a few other dogs but stopped as soon as I said no and distracted her with a treat. Marley would make a great companion to someone and could do very well if her training was continued :)

Lets go!


Beautiful girl

Anyone want to adopt me?


This is great!

Far too tired now

Looks like Marley had a fantastic day. If you would like to come and meet Marley please call the shelter on 0116 2599399 to make an appointment. You can also find out a bit more about her on the Dogs for Rehoming page




Volunteer Joanne took the lovely little Sky out for the day. With her being deaf it was interesting to see how she behaved in a home. Here's what Jo had to say about Sky's day out:

Travelled ok in the car, wanted to be on my lap all the time and likes looking out the window! Walked nice on her harness, and was fine meeting a few dogs while walking past. Took a little while to settle in the house but calmed down eventually and had lots of cuddles!



Ready for my close up

I am a lap dog

What's over there?


I'm so happy!


Looks like Sky had a great day! If you would like to meet this gorgeous girl please ring the shelter to book an appointment on 0116 2599399. You can find her on the Dogs for Rehoming page



Staff member Tracy and her husband Dave took the lovely Winston to Norfolk for a couple of days to give him a break from being so stressed in kennels. He has not been happy since coming into the shelter and he thoroughly enjoyed his time out!

I'm ready go!

Winston enjoyed his walks

What a tasty treat!

Where are we going now!

Winston got to go to the beach

I'm tired now

It all got a bit too much for him

Winston is on the Dogs for Rehoming page and if you wou likeo meet this gorgeous boy please ring the shelter to make an appointment



Staff member Dawn and her husband Sam took two resident dogs out for a day trip to Rutland Water. Here's what Dawn had to say about Molly and Percy

Percy and Molly's Easter Treat
Both dogs travelled very well in the van, although Percy had to be lifted in. I kept telling them it wasn't a trip to the vets! When we got there, they were both very excited at the new surroundings, Percy went into sniffer dog mode - nose stuck to the ground and Molly was bouncing around happily.
They walked perfect together, so friendly with each other and not fazed by all the bikes going by and lots of dogs coming and going.
Some people came up to give them fuss which they were more than happy for! Both enjoyed a snack on sheep poo when we weren't quick enough to pull them away, rascals...
When we reached half way they had a big bowl of water each and a meaty buffalo treat. Neither were interested in going into water, more interested in sniffing around and enjoying each other's company.
By the end of the walk, Sam and I were ready for an ice cream ... I was nice enough to save some for each pooch, which they found lip smackingly good! After another bowl of water each it was time to get them back for supper. Again, Percy had to be lifted in to the van but once they were both in they lay down contently for a snooze on the way home.
Both dogs were perfect and we all really enjoyed our walk together. They deserve their forever homes, they will make lovely pet

Chase me!



Sitting nicely


Sam with the dogs

Gorgeous Molly

Having a great time

We've gone camera shy!


So Percy and Molly had a great day out and both were so well behaved. If you would like to see either of these lovely dogs please have a look on the Dogs for Rehoming page call the shelter to book an appointment


Staff member Rebecca and her friend Ruth took Major out for the day to Bradgate Park. He was such a good boy, travelled well and walked excitedly at first but did calm down. He was friendly towards people he met and didn't mind when a dog came over to sniff him. Here are some pictures from his day

Ready to go

Sat patiently

Handsome boy

Walking nicely


Ready to go home

Major is going to make such a loyal dog to a lucky owner and unfortunately he is not coping very well in kennels and appreciates any time he has out of his kennel. If you would like to come and see Major please call the shelter to make an appointment on 0116 2599399 and you can find him on the Dogs for Rehoming page


Staff member Rebecca and her two friends Claire and Ruth had taken Bruce and Javier (now rehomed) out to Rutland Water for the day along with Claire's dog Noodles. They were both so well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed their trip. Rebecca said they were both perfect in the car with no issues and both were very good with Noodles. They were both fine with bikes passing and both dogs were friendly towards every dog that passed them. Here are some pictures from their trip

Javier was very good in the car

Bruce sat in the back of Claire's car

All walking together


Bruce was happy around Noodles

Javier ready for his close up

Bruce enjoying his time out

The boys

Everyone getting on


Javier checking out the reservoir

Bruce being good

Javier found a stick to carry!

Javier was ready to go back to the kennels!

Both boys were a joy all day. Lucky Javier has since found a home but Bruce is  still waiting, you can find him on the Dogs for Rehoming page


Stella has been out to Rutland water and here's what Katie had to say

Stella was an absolute delight! She travels well in the car, quite happy to sit on the back seat and watch the world go by.
She walked lovely around Rutland Water, loved going for a paddle in the water, although wasn't too happy when she nearly fell in! She was slightly obsessed with watching the ducks, more out of curiosity than anything. She also enjoyed trying to eat the ripples which did make us laugh.
She's not too keen on other dogs however this is completely manageable if the training we have begun is continued. This didn't affect our walk too much as we just kept our distance from other dogs.
She also came into a cafe whilst we had a cup of tea pit stop. Again I couldn't fault her, she was very well behaved and just wanted to say hello to everyone.
Stella wasn't phased at all by excited children or crying babies, she seemed quite happy with it all.
Stella travelled very well on the way back as well, just slept the entire way. Again quite happy to sit on the back seat.

Stella is an absolute delight!!

Look at that face


Hey what are you doing

Strutting along

Having a break


Can i go in?

Ok i'm ready to go for my dinner now

You can find Stella on the Dogs for Rehoming page. Please ring the shelter to make an appointment to see this gorgeous girl on 0116 2599399


Charlie has been to Bradgate park with staff member Sophie. Here are some pictures from his day out


Charlie started off in the back seat of the car but kept trying to get in the front so he was allowed in the footwell and was quite happy there sitting with Sophie's brother

Handsome boy

Charlie with Soph

Shall i go in?

Look at the swans!

They're not dogs

Charlie was ready for the journey back and ready for his dinner!

Charlie was a superstar on his walk and really enjoyed his day out. If you can offer this lovely boy you can find him on our Dogs for rehoming page




Sol nd luna are two lucky dogs.  A few weeks ago staff member Jade and volunteer Tracy took Sol and Luna on a weekend break to Tracys cabin.  This is what Jade had to say about the trip:

I can't believe Sol and Luna haven't gone yet they were so good it's like they'd always been in the house! No accidents no chewing nothing! They went to the beach and Luna was loving every minute of it. Sol was a bit more unsure and preferred to be close to someone rather than out in the open. Luna is definitely more independent whereas Sol is always after cuddles and following you around!
They were both so relaxed and calm they slept a lot of the time, Sol can snore for England! We even had the door open for them to go outside and neither dog strayed out of our sight. They are sooo good! Travelled amazingly well, Luna is a bit more fidgety but Sol soon settles and lays down in the car. As you can see they were allowed on the sofa and Sol took full advantage of all the soft cushions! They really compliment eachother with Luna off doing her own thing Sol will be loyal to you but needs Luna for that bit of confidence. Can't fault them one tiny bit.
Now have a look at the wonderful pictures of two wonderful dogs. 

Tracy also agreed that she couldn't fault either dogs behaviour on their trip.

She said "It's like they've never been in kennels, they didn't have any accidents

and loved the sofa!"


So that's Sol and Lunas holiday album. 

Remember, just because they have been here a while doesn't mean it's their fault.  We have said we will split them if it means getting them a home quickly, but no-one wants to be the one to do that, and it is harder to home a pair of dogs than a single dog.  I think they have proven time and time again, that when they do leave us, they will settle as if they have lways been there.










Hi my name is Jake, I'm s 4 year old staffi and have recently been out for the day with Rebecca, she's one the girls who looks after me.
I travelled really well in the car, although traveling does make me pant a lot, I was a good boy and just sat by Rebecca's side.
When we got to her house I had a good nose around, I needed to inspect every corner of the house and garden, there was so many new smells for me.
I was really good around the house, I kept myself calm even though I was so excited to be at a new place, I did get told off once though for jumping on the sofa, but I soon got down.
We then went for a walk to the local doggy park, Rebecca told me we were going to meet Lauren and her dog called Jack, as soon as I saw him I loved him and we became good friends.
Rebecca put me on a long line so I could run and play with Jack, that was so much fun.
Me and Jack found some water to play in together, which was nice as it was a hot day and the water cooled us down nicely.
I made friends with three collie dogs along the way as well.
In the afternoon I just wanted to relax, have lots of cuddles and play football with Rebecca's brother in the garden, I played really nice and loved every second of it.



If you think Jake could be the dog for you.  Please call the shelter to book an appointment to meet him.  You wont be sorry.  This dog ticks all the boxes, we can't understand why he's still with us.






Daisy is a return to the shelter after 4 years away.  It's not her fault she's back with us, but the couple who took her in separated and Daisy was being left alone all day. 

Daisy is a favorite of volunteer Mary who took her on a morning out to meet and walk with her own two dogs. 


The day Daisy met Riley

Daisy met Riley and Bertie today on her trip out of the kennels.

She was very good in the car and very excited.

She politely introduced herself to the boys when they met up - then we all went for a trek over the farm fields and tracks.

Daisy and Riley were the leaders as you can see and helped me get up the steep Launde hill without much effort!

She was very interested in the new surroundings and walked very well on the lead, passing other barking dogs at a nearby farm without any trouble.

We walked about 3 miles and she was extremely well behaved. The boys liked her too and waited for her politely if she stopped to investigate anything.

We all got very muddy but Daisy wasn’t too keen on the hose down of cold water when we got back!

The boys and Daisy said their goodbyes and Daisy settled down on the back seat of the car for her return journey to the shelter.

What a good & adorable girl she is!

Daisy had a great time out!  If you think you could offer this lovely girl a home please call the shelter on 0116 259 9399

At 10 years old she doesn't deserve to be back in kennels.




Sol and Lunar are the two dogs who have been here the longest.  It would be nice if they could stay together, but not necessary if it means that they get to go to a new home of their own.

They are also two of the favorite's here and Bank holiday weekend staff member Jade decided to take them out for the day to Foxton Locks.

Here are a few pictures of their big adventure!

As you can see, Sol and Luna had a great time

They behaved very well.

These two dogs have spent over a year in kennels and

it's about time they had some luck!

It's not their fault they're here, and there is no reason they should still

be here.

Staff and volunteer's have taken them out on numerous occasions.

They all come back and say the same thing.  "They are brilliant"



So, after a long walk , it's off to Jades house to meet her dog and play in the garden.

Did I mention how well they travel!

Perfect behavior

New friends!

Who are you?

Let me see!

Sol with Axel

Sol and Luna met Axel, and a rabbit!  Both had a look , but neither were too interested.  well, there was so much else to do.

If you think you have a home for one or both of these lovely dogs, please call us and book in to meet them.

0116 259 9399




He travels well.
Diesel is a lively boy for his age.
He was lively around the house and excited but he soon calmed down after a walk.
Diesel walks quite well on the lead, just pulls a little.
He gets on well with other dogs.
Diesel liked playing ball in the garden.
He loved a fuss and his belly rubbed.



Diesel is a big favorite here.  He gets along well with other dogs and is a joy to walk. 

If you think he's for you call us  on 0116 259 9399 and book an appointment to meet him.



He travels well in the car, loves to stick his head out the window.
Cas walks well on his harness.
He made lots of doggies friends at the dog park known as Bouskell Park in Blaby.
Cas loved a fuss off everyone that met him, children and adults, he was very popular in Blaby Village.
He was very well behaved, he just nips a little when excited of fuss.
Cas loved playing ball.
He also takes treats very nicely, he will sit and give paw.
Cas is good in the house, a little lively and very nosey loves to check out everything and every room.


Look's like Cass tired himself out.  He's a great dog, gets on well with others and is a joy to walk.  His best friend is Diesel, so if you're looking for 2 wink They get along great.

Please consider Cassius.  Call us on 0116 259 9399 to meet him.



She travels very well, likes to stick her head out the window.
Samia loved playing ball in the garden, she will lay next to the ball while you pick it up and throw it.
She is very good around the house, does her own thing.
Samia walks nice on her harness.
On her notes her owner left it says she doesn't like her ears or neck to be touched, however when I stroked her there she didn't seem to mind.
Samia will sit for a treat and take it nicely.
She's a gentle nice natured dog, very well behaved all round.
At first she was a little nervous to come inside the house, but was perfect once settled.



Samia is used to family life, having lived with children.  She's a nice calm dog who really deserves to find her forever home.

Call us on 0116 259 9399, and book your appointment to meet this lovely girl.



Tia's day out


Travels well although she was a little car sick, it was just food though not proper sick as she had not had her breakfast, she does drool a little.

She loves having cuddles and giving kisses.

Tia isn't bothered about playing.

She loves to roll around in the grass.

Tia is quiet and calm around the house.

She likes to cool down on the kitchen floor.

Tia walks well on her harness.

She made some new doggie friends, a yorkie, cocker spaniel and a boston terrier.

Tia will sit and give paw for a treat.

She will sit on command while waiting to cross the road.


Looks like Tia had a great day out. She is used to family life and look's like she hasn't forgotten how to behave. If you think Tia could join your family call the shelter on 0116 259 9399 and book an appointment to meet her.




Maddock has now become a favorite of Rebecca's after she took him for the day.  Here's what she had to say about him:

He would make a perfect edition to any family.
Really loving, little softy.
Didn't mind his tail or ears being messed with.
Wanted fuss at every opportunity.
Loved to lay by your side or sit on your lap.
House trained.
Travelled well in the car.
Walked really well when out.
Met a puppy guide dog while on his walk, was fine with her till she got over excited and in his face, he just gave her a little growl as a warning.
Maddock also had a day out with Jade too.  He's ben a busy boy! 
Here's what Jade had to say about her day with him:
Maddock was brilliant! Perfect in the car, was snoring on the way back. Met a few dogs and made friends with all of them. Quite a few people stopped and asked about him. Let him have a run round the tennis court. He was lovely!

So, that's Maddock.  I hope these pages of our dogs enjoying themselves away from the shelter help all those looking, see  that it's not their fault they are with us.  Please come and visit Maddoick and judge for yourself.  You won't regret it!







Cookie has had a treat this week.  He's been out and about, making friends and wearing himself out.

Here's what Becky had to say about her day with Cookie.

Travels well, drools a tiny bit.
He's a big softy that loves a cuddle and tries to sit on your knee, even though he's far too big, real gentle giant.
Nice and quiet in the house happy to just lay down and rest.
Went for a walk with my friend Lauren and her dog Jack, they got on well together and walked nicely side by side.
He didn't try and go upstairs, he came when called.
Cookie had no accidents in the house, went for a wee outside.
He liked his belly rubbed.
Cookie slept all the way home in the car.


Saying hello Look at me!
Out for a walk Making friends
Ahh All worn out


Cookie really is a lovely calm dog.  He does like other dogs, but would be better as an only dog in the home.  He may be a big lad, but he can curl up into quite a tiny ball when he wants to.  If you like the look of our Cookie monster.  Book an appointment to meet him by calling the shelter.  0116 259 9399

You won't be sorry you did.




This time Rex had the pleasure of spending the day away from the shelter.  He's been out and about, exploring the big outdoors and the warm indoors too.

Here's what receca had to say about Rex

House trained
Very lively around the house into absolutely everything, and runs around like a loon, playing with anything from a treat to slippers.
Travels well, just moves around alot trying to look out of every window.
Was brilliant with dogs he met, made friends with a Staffie and Poodle.
Went for an hour and half walk around Blaby, Whetstone and glen parva.
Came home for lunch and Rex still had loads of energy to burn.
Rex seems nervous of traffic, especially if they are going fast or a bus/lorry goes by, he cowers and runs behind you.
Went back into blaby for an hour before taking him home for tea.
Traveling back he was very good and lay still most of the way, moving around the odd occasion to get a look at whats going on outside.
Remember, when taking a new dog home they are going to be excited and want to explore everything.

Posing for his official day out picture

Look at me!

Hmm, smells good

Let's go

What's this?

So much investigate, this is great!

Rex is a lovely young dog.  It's hard to still see him here.  OK, he's boisterous, but he's still young and wants to be involved in everything.  That said, he is young enough to learn and want to please.  With the right person, i.e someone willing to put some effort into training him, Rex will be a fantastic addition to any new home.

Book an appointment to meet him if you think he's the dog for you.  He is also good with other dogs.




Sherbert had a special day out with staff member Becky.   He's a real favorite of hers and she wants to share that day with all of us and maybe find Sherbert a home of his own.

Here is a run down of his day

Travelled well, nervous about getting into the car and being lifted in, sat nice and quiet on the back seat.
Inquisitive checked out all of the downstairs.
Didn't attempt to come upstairs just the first two steps. 
Good with commands and recall was good on the long line.
was good with dogs he saw.
Visited my house, whestone village, few whetstone parks and blaby centre.
Not house trained had a little accident in the kitchen.
Loved fuss and his belly rubbed.
Went for an hour walk and a park, came home for abit, went to blaby to sit and have chips for an hour.
Rebeca makes some good points here. 
When taking a new dog to your home they may be shy at first, want to have a tentative look around.   This is normal, the dog you take home will not be the dog you have 2 weeks down the line when they have settled in and feel they can push the boundaries a little.
They may also have a little accident, or scent mark their new surroundings.  Some dogs have been in kennels for a long time and are used to going to the toilet in their kennel.  Don't make a big issue of this.  Just clean up without making a fuss.  It's less likely to happen again if you do this.
It's important not to expect a rescue dog to be perfect as soon as you get them home.  Remember it may have been a while since they have lived in a home with people around all the time.


What a fussy boy!

Let's watch some telly

A good boy on the lead.

Give us a kiss!

that looks good, is it mine?

Say "Cheese"

If you like the look of Shrbert, give us a call on 0116 259 9399 and book an appointment to see him. 




Rebeca has also taken Sol for a day too.  He deserves it as it's been a year since he arrived at "Fairwinds"

Here's a run down of his day.

Travelled very well, lay on back seat and slept all the way back to the rescue.
Clingy and nervous of alot of things properly because he didn't have Luna, had to be wherever I was and sit as close as possible.
Loved his fuss and belly rubbed.
Very calm and quiet in the house.
Good with commands like sit.
Not good with dogs walking on lead, was with ones sat still and tied up outside a shop.
Visited my house, whetstone village and blaby centre.
House trained.
Went for an hour walk into blaby and whetstone village, came back home and then back into blaby for an hour and some chips.
Sol does have a bark at dogs on the lead sometimes.  You can spot him getting ready and interupt before he starts.  We can show any new owner how to do this when visiting him.

Posing for the camera

Are you coming?

Just checking you're still there

Tired after a big day

I could get used to this

Look both ways

Sol looks good relaxing at home.  Maybe he could join your family.  Call us 0116 259 9399 to book an appointment to meet him.
Not wanting to be left out Sol's pal Lunar has also had a day away from the shelter.
Luna came in with Sol and the two have now been with us for a year.  there is no time limit on how long we will keep a dog.  They stay as long as it takes to find their forever home.
That said, we really want these two to find a home and both did well adjusting to a day in a home.