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The sponsored walk this year took place at the usual spot, Rutland Water's South shore on September 17th and we were greeted with happy dogs and happy owner's. Staff and volunteers brought some of the dogs from the shelter along too


The weather stayed clear for us

What a treat to see Stanley who went through having his foreleg amputated when he was with us, happy with his owner's and his friend Poppy

A pleasure to see ex resident Tia with Zebby and their owner's. What a happy pair!

Archie the beagle looked very content and calm with his owners and he came with his friend Betty

Volunteer Debbie and partner Gary brought their own dog Charlie to walk with current resident Skye, they bother walked lovely together

Volunteer Judy walked ex resident Bridie who looked like she enjoyed herself

Volunteer Rob and his brother brought Gordon along who is looking for his home

Walk regular Jack the happy staffi with his pal Lulu and their owner's

Volunteer's Judy and Susanne brought ex residents Molly & Suzie along

Adorable couple Sol & Luna, ex long term residents who finally landed on their paws came along, great to see them with their owners

Volunteer Steph took the lovely Poppy who is waiting for her new home

We think volunteer Robert and current resident Kane are a match made in heaven. Kane behaved wonderfully

Bella the doberman was looking good with her owners who dote on her

Staff member Rebecca's family and her partner brought along ex resident Tia to walk with current resident Leo, what a cute pair

Fantastic to see Mara looking happy with her owners, she was pleased to see everybody

Cheeky ex resident Cassius with his owner, nice tongue!

Lexie who has since been rehomed came along walked by staff member Lynne

Current resident Charlie came along and managed the whole walk!

Basil and Scampy made friends, here they are having a pit stop with their owners

Staff member Jade and partner Paul brought ex resident Betty to walk with Cassius

Current long termer Marley enjoyed the walk with volunteer Joanne, Marley is still looking for her forever home

Ex resident Lulu looked very happy with her owner, how lovely it was to see her

Volunteer Caroline and her partner Peter brought Frank along who was making friends


Sadly we could not get everyone's picture, some including the Gautry famliy with regular walker Buzz, volunteer Zoe with current resident Gary, Aggi with her family, current residents Minty, Khalua, Ruby, Fudge and many more. Thank you to everyone who attended we are always so happy to hear how our past residents are in their new homes. With the money raised we can continue to find new homes for the dogs in our care so thank you for your support

See you again next year!



What another fantastic day at Rutland Water's south shore for the annual sponsored walk this year on the 11th September. Thank you to everyone that took part and brought along your furry friends!

We're off

We had lovely weather once again

Troy & Clyde with their new owners, lovely to hear about their adventures

Volunteer Debbie and her partner Gary with resident dog Falcon who behaved wonderfully. You can find him on the Dogs for Rehoming page

The beautiful Roxy sitting nicely for her picture

Walk regulars Lesley with the lovely Keira, looking very happy

Volunteer Judy with ex resident Bridie who was a long termer at the shelter

Fabulous Eva with her dedicated owner. Eva has come such a long way and has mellowed right down

Resident dogs Mia and Molly up for rehoming together. They are on Dogs for Rehoming

Lee with resident dog Bella, still looking for her forever home. You can find her on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Former residents deaf Daisy and Daisy the husky with their friend Jed who is brilliant with the girls

Walk regulars Jessie and Gemma who have been in their home for a few years now. They came along with their friend Daisy who was desperate to get in the picture!

Another walk regular Cassius with his owner Steph, enjoying life!

Staff member Rebecca and her mum and dad with fomer resident Tia and Bruno who is still looking for his forever home. He was such a good boy. He is on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Here's the gorgeous Missy who has fell on her paws the lucky girl

Another lucky boy is Sandy with his owners and his new friend also a rescue dog Ellie. What a fantastic home he has found

Benny the beagle was at the shelter for a while and had been returned but he has definitely found the right owners and his forever home!

Here's young Jack the pug cross with his friend Nick. Lovely to see how calm he was

Former residents Aggie and Dottie with volunteer Sandra who made friends on the walk

Volunteer Rob with his brother and mum with resident Baxter who you can find on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Staff member Jade and her partner Paul with their former resident Betty the pug who walked with her friend Cassius

Staff member Dawn and her mum Mary with Rocco who is currently for rehoming and Mary's dog Rosie who made great friends with Rocco. He's on Dogs for Rehoming

Volunteer Steph and her husband with Bruce the shar pei cross who is still looking for his forever home. He is on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Volunteer Joanne with resident dog Kodan who is currently reserved. He was a good boy!

Little Doris with her fantastic owners who dote on her

Recently adopted cheeky chappy Frank who has gone to live with volunteer Caroline

Charlie who is sadly still waiting for a home went with volunteer Jane. He was a tired boy after the walk. You can find him on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Was lovely to see Tia with her friend Zebby and owners, she was looking well

Walk regulars the Gautrey family with lucky boy Buzz, always a pleasure to see these guys!

Here's a much calmer Jack with his friend, another rescue staffi Lulu. He is a regular on the walk with his lovely owners

Sorry we did not manage to get a picture of everyone but thank you for coming

Thank you once again for all your support in caring for the animals, we wish you many more happy years with your pets and hope to see you next year




Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who joined us at Rutland Water's south shore for our annual sponsored walk at a slightly later date of Sunday 20th September, our 7th time at this venue.

The weather was fantastic and once again we had a great turn out from former residents and dogs still at Fairwinds waiting to find their forever home.
We loved seeing everyone and especially the former residents with their new families.


Our table



This year we had perfect weather!

Former volunteer Lesley with adopted Keira and her friend Jess

Volunteer Debbie and her friend Emma with Stella for rehoming. Find her on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Staff member Jade's happy former resident Cassius with Paul

We were all so pleased to see how well Roxy is doing with her new family

Volunteer Steph and her husband with Kovu - now rehomed, lucky boy!

Sponsored walk regulars Pepper and Eric, a pleasure as always

Young Skyla with her forever family

The lovely Cheeky who went to live with Spike

Staff member Sophie with Troy and volunteer Joy and her family with Clyde, who have both since been rehomed

It's Junior! With is girlfriend and his family

Volunteer Sandra's adopted girl Dottie enjoying her break at the half way point

Former resident Buster with his owners

Staff member Rebecca and her mum and dad with their dog Tia from Fairwinds and Winston who has now found his forever home

Jack with his owners who made friends with Charlie who is looking for a new home. You can find him in Dogs for Rehoming

Volunteer Julie took Cookie who behaved beautifully, he is still up for adoption on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Staff member Tracy with Sandy who has since been rehomed. Good luck Sandy!

Volunteer Maddie with Muffin who has been rehomed

Staff member Dawn and her husband Sam with the gorgeous Eva, still waiting for her forever home. She is on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Scampy who came in with his friend Chips (also rehomed) with his owner Peter. They enjoyed their walk with Chips and his family!

Chips who came to the shelter with his friend Scampy (rehomed) with his lovely new family

Volunteer Caroline with Fairwinds resident Javier who you can find on the Dogs for Rehoming page, still looking for a new home

Sophie who grooms some of the dogs at the shelter and her friend Fiona with Bruce and Scruff, both needing new homes. Find them on the Dogs for Rehoming page

Volunteer Rob, his brother and mother with Alfie who has since been rehomed

Bridie who was a long termer at Fairwinds came along on the walk and went back home with her owner

Former resident Patch! Lovely to see him

Former volunteer Karen, husband Peter and their dog Larry with adopted westie Douie

Walk regular Frank with his mum

Enjoying the walk


Staff member Jade with long term volunteers Mick & Judy

Thank you everyone for your support and hope to see you again next year!





Hi all. Once again we arrived on Rutland Water's south shore for our annual sponsored walk on Sunday 7th September, our 6th time at this venue.

The weather was fantastic and once again we had a great turn out from former residents and dogs still at Fairwinds waiting to find their forever home.
We loved seeing everyone and hope you all had as much fun as we did.


Volunteer Maddie with Boris-

Still looking for his new home

Volunteer Jane with Diesel-

Still with us



Skyler with her new family.  She

was missed when she left us.

Especially by Diesel above, they

were great friends.

Diesel with his new owner.  He was

my favorite, but he landed on all 4 paws

with Lee.

Volunteer Tracy with her

favorite boy

Scruff- Still with us



Regular participant Dexter,

with his family.  So good to see

him again and his new baby


Jester with his new family. A lovely labrador

always happy.

Walk regular Buzz with his family



Buster, looking good. 

He'd been with us a while

so we're pleased to see

him happy in his new home.

Volunteer Mary with her girl Daisy, adopted

from Fairwinds.  There arn't many volunteers

who can resist.

Marmite, another regular. 

He's always a live wire, but

has come a long way.  Love him.


Pepsi, she was just a puppy when she

left us. She has grown so much.


Staff member Becky's dad with their adopted girl Tia.

There arn't many staff who can resist either!

Brinkley and his gang along

for the second time. 

Billy, looking happy and settled with his

new family.


Jessie and Gemma enjoying their annual walk.

I think they hold the record of 5 in a row!

Great to see them.


The picture we've all been waiting for,

Sol and Luna with their new family.  Looks like

it was worth the wait.

Jack and Daisy making friends.  Staffies have such a reputation,

but these are very sociable dogs. This group prove it!

Rosie with her new family.  They've done very well

with her training.


Frank, good to see him again.

  Another regular.

Doris, looking good.  Great to see her, and get

one of her special hugs.

Another one of ours, Pita with volunteer Kerrie

He is now reserved.


Cookie, a long termer at the shelter with

volunteer James...... He did get the ice cream!

Winston looking a bit worn out.

He went along with volunteer Caroline


Kovu with Helen anther volunteer. 

He was so well behaved.

Dee with John and Sue- She's

in her new home now.

Lisa took Junior along.  He had a great



Cassius , staff member Jade's adopted boy. Walking

with her partner Rick and her mum Steph.

Fly from the shelter with her new friend Rosie


Judy with her favorite, Bridie. 


Amber went along too. 

This was her second time walking with a volunteer.

She's so good.



Also along for the walk, with their families were Max, Rex and Bella. It was great to see them, but I missed getting a picture.  Another one from the shelter- Ringo, still looking for his forever home.

Once again thank you all for coming, we love seeing you and hope you all had as good a time as we did.  Everyone looked great! All had lovely shiny coats and happy waggy tails.

Till next next year x



Congratulations all! We have raised over £1,900 this year

Thank you

This was our 5th time at Rutland water's south shore, and once again we had great weather to make it a wonderful day for all who attended.

We had another great turn out this year, with 20 of our former residents coming out to see us.  We also took along 11  dogs who are still looking for their forever home.

It's our favorite day of the year, seeing all those who have found happiness again and their proud new families.


Let's start with our former residents.

Patch looking very smart after a trip to the pooch parlour

Brinkley, on the right with his new family including Yogi and Daisy.

We thought Brinkley was a big lad, but new sister Daisy makes him look tiny!

Marmite.  It's great to see him again. 

He's so lucky to have found his new family, and he's been there just over a year now. Congtatulations Marmite!

Anna in the middle with her new family, including Roxy and Millie.
She look's great, and very happy.

Two unlikely new friends.  Kane and Honey. They both looked lovely. 

Fantastic to see them.  It's Kane's second walk with us.  Honey also has cat friends from Fairwinds too.

This is Chelsey.  Re- homed 6 years ago.  Great to see her.   She came with her pal Rex. 

We would love to see more dogs who left us years ago.

Here is Rex.  We were happy to see how calm he was.
Rex was a live wire in the shelter, but it just goes to show how the right home can make the dog.

Ahh, Jack.  He looked very smart too.  His family have pampered him at the parlour, he's worth it!

Gemma and Jessie joined us again.  So good when two dogs stay together, and settle in so well.

Our volunteer Elaine with Bob, a very lucky boy to have found such a loving home.

The lovely Daisy, who looked fantastic!  Great she found time to come and see us, as she is often on camping holiday's all over the country.  A very lucky girl.

In the middle, Holly with her brother Sam on the right.  Joining them is Scruff, who is still looking for his forever home.  Holly lives with our volunteer Tracy.  You may notice a lot of our volunteers have adopted someone.

With us for the second time Buzz.  It's always lovely to see him.

Eric, also on his second walk with us.  He is so chilled out, it's great.  With him is Cassius, who is still looking for his new home.  As you can see Cas gets along well with other dogs.

Another volunteer who fell in love.  Claire with Millie, looking very happy.

volunteer Alison, brought her own cuddley companion.  Much easier to walk.

Frank, who looked much better behaved than when he was with us.  A real character!

Sky, looked lovely, still such a sweetheart.  A lucky girl.

Rachael (another volunteer) with Rosie.  Rosie came to us in a terrible state, but now looks amazing.

So, that was all 20 dogs who have found their forever home.  Thank you all for taking the time to join us.  It means such a lot to us who take care of these dogs, sometimes for over a year.  Seeing them hapy in their homes makes it all worthwhile. 

We also love the pictures and letters/ emails we get throughout the year too. 

Now on to  the 11 dogs we took from the shelter who are still looking for their new home.  

Abi (white staffi) with John, Who said she was very well behaved.  Did what she was told and didn't bother the other dogs.

Flo, walking with Ian.  She was also very well behaved, a real star.

Samia.  She has now found her new home.

Sol and Luna with Tracy, who is always taking our dogs out.  These two are her favorite pair.

Amber having a fuss with Suzie and Jane.   Amber is Jane's favorite.

Here are 3 in one.  Abi, behind her is Bridie and at the front is Diesel. 

Last, but not least is Duke.  Who is now reserved.

Once again a big thank you to all who came out with us.  You make it such a special day.

I hope you can all join us again next year.

Not all sponsorship is in yet, but I will get a letter out to you all in the next week or so, with a total so far.

All money raised goes towards the running of the shelter and is very gratefully received.