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MONTY (Formerly Cookie)

Monty (previously known as Cookie) has been with us for a week now and we couldn’t imagine our house without him! He was on our laps within an hour of being home and I think the pictures speak for themselves! Thank you for looking after him and giving us the opportunity to give him a forever home. 

Kasia and Rich 

ZELF (Cassie's Kitten)

Hi, Thought you would like to see the progress he's made since we adopted him in November 2017. He's very talkative and affectionate and still loves a cuddle, in fact, he demands a cuddle. He and the dog are now very best friends and play together in the garden for ages, most days. More pictures to follow due to size.



As you can see from the photo's, they've grown into lovely young cats, with very individual characters. Despite being little monkeys, they are still pretty shy, so tho they can go out, they don't seem bothered to venture much further than our garden so far, staying safe!! 
They're lovely cats to have around, and both my little boy and I are very happy we took them both on together, they all keep each other amused well!
Kind regards


Billy well, leg healed he seems very happy and settled! A delight to own.


We adopted Daisy and Leo on the 5th Jan. Despite not being raised together they have become the best of friends. Shy Leo is the most loving cat, still unsure of loud noises and sudden movements, but loves nothing more than to snuggle on a knee. Daisy is the cutest most playful cat, she loves to play with the kids, with her toys, and when Leo is not expecting it, him too!! The words make yourselves at home certainly apply to these two, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
We are very thankful to have found the perfect fit for our family
Sarah Groves


LUNA (Formerly Tilly)

Hi there,
Just emailing you to let you know that Tilly ( now known as Luna) has been settling in to her new home well, and she has been going to the loo fine! (Yay). She is still a bit skittish but is settling in well.



GEO & ELISIE (Crescent Kittens)


Attached are some photographs of  Geo and Elisie; Geo being the black and white.

They are now much more friendly; especially Elisie, who we can stroke; Geo is uncertain about that.

Both are very forward when it comes to food and examining what we are having.

They have ventured out of the back door but not very far.

They are growing quickly now and definitely two different personalities.

We are all very happy thanks to you.

Peter & Helen Spickett



Some photos of Louie for you :) We have not heard him bark yet still!



Hello everyone - Derry here!!
Just to let you know I'm settling in well at my new forever home.
I was really anxious for the first couple of days when Mum and Dad brought me here  - I wasn't too sure if I was staying here permanently - but Mum and Dad have given me lots of love, cuddles and encouragement - and - do you know I think I am really really staying here for ever and ever!!!
I've not been walking very well at all! I get all nervous and anxious and just become "rooted" to the spot!! Mum and Dad were quite worried about it so they called a special lady (dog behaviouralist) who came to visit me twice and she took me, Mum, Dad and Ruby (my new fur sister) out for a walk! She's very clever and has shown Mum and Dad how to encourage me to walk and I'm getting better and better every day we go out!!
Anyway I've got to go now because it's afternoon walk time (I go out for a walk 3 times a day here!!) I'll write to you all again soon!
Lots and lots of love & licks
Derry xxxxx



Teddy is setting in really well. He loves his new house, his toys and his new mummy and daddy! He is our pampered child❤

HARVEY (Formerly Javier)


Billy has settled down well here and is quite a character! He can eat for England and knows where the treat cupboard is! He walks well on the lead and enjoys his walks. Thank you so much for letting me adopt him. All the best to you all. From Angela


Here are some pictures of Leo. He has settled really well with us after a few minor hiccups involving a carpet in the early weeks.
He really is the most gorgeous dog. He is worshipped by all of us.
He loves his long walks along the canal and visits to all our local parks. He has finally mastered that to play ball you’ve got to give it back and not eat it.
There is nothing better than a snuggle with Leo on the sofa in the evening. Our favourite time of day.
Leo has filled a hole in our lives in the most wonderful way.
Dave, Donna, Katie & Jessica



I’m just updating you on gucci, as he was my dog before he came to the shelter and I got him back when my circumstances change. He’s getting on really well being back home, he’s loving it! He is amazing with my 7month old daughter. He loves to go on long walks down the canal with us and even runs besides you on the bike! He’s very sneaky though! He sleeps in his bed untill we are asleep then somehow he ends up in the bed when we wake up! Haha love him so much never letting him out my sight again. Thank you to all the staff at the animal rescue for taking good care of my fur baby x


Hi All,

Just to let you know Lilly Pops is getting on swimmingly with her new family and new surroundings.  She is an absolute angel (at the moment anyway!!) I have attached two photos, but I can send you a few more if you would like? I can’t believe nobody wanted her! she is much loved by us both.

Best wishes,



Just thought you’d like to know that George has settled in really well. Have included a couple of pictures of him having lots of fuss, which he loves. His diarrhoea has cleared up and he is eating well.
We are loving having him and will carry on taking great care of him.


STINKY (Tammy's Kitten) & DOT

Hi there, we adopted one of Tammy's kittens back October and would like you to know that he is settling in nicely and having lots of fun in his new home. I have also included a photo of Dot, a cat I adopted from you four years ago. She is a joy to have and has been helping Stinky settle in



Dear everyone at Fairwinds
You may remember me.  I was with you for a few weeks back in July - the one who was mad about playing ball. 
Well, I've been in my forever home now for 3 months, and I must say that I quite like it here. I enjoy my two daily walks which go round the lake and sometimes up into the woods too, and lots of people whom we see make a fuss of me. Sometimes they ask what sort of dog am I: my new master tells them that I'm a miniature dingo from Australia (hence my name), and more than once they've believed him!
I've been on 3 holidays already - to Sussex, Northumberland and Devon.  I loved chasing my ball along the big sandy beaches up north, and barking at the sheep on the South Downs and on Dartmoor!
I've recently been to the vets (a very nice one at the Hollycroft practice in Hinckley) and had an operation to stop me having puppies, whatever they are.  I had to stop running around and playing ball for a week, which was really boring *>:P phbbbbt but I'm back up to full speed now.
Here are some pictures of me playing ball in my garden, and on my holidays.  I hope that you are all well.
Love from Sidney xx



Hello everyone at Leicester Animal Shelter, 

I wanted to share a few pics with you of Shakira, we adopted her about 2 months ago now and we feel so lucky to have adopted her. She is the perfect little companion for us, we couldn't have dreamed of a sweeter, friendlier cat to share our home with. The day I brought her home she was completely settled in by that evening, sleeping and purring on our laps, it was like she has always been here. She loves nothing more than to be curled up on our laps being brushed and having treats. She is always by our side watching what ever we're dong (she's currently sitting on my lap as I write this) - she has such a curious & loving nature.

When we adopted her  we were told she wasn't eating well and you could tell because she was very skinny - well, within the last wo months her appetite has increased massively and she's putting on weight (healthily). Her skin has also improved along with her coat which is now so glossy and soft.

I'm so incredibly happy we found Shakira when we did, and I'm so glad we decided to give an older cat a second chance. We love her to pieces and wouldn't want to imagine life without her.

We want to say a big thank you to you all for all your hard work at the Shelter and hope you enjoy the photos attached.

All the best,

Melissa, Ben and Shakira




Attached  are a few of the dozens of photos we have taken so far of Poppy so that you can see that she has settled in to our home and I would like to let you know that myself and Jayne are completely over the moon with her. 

She is wonderful and so loved!

We are so blessed.

Thank you!



BETTY (Formerly Dot)


Twix is doing great ! He's super loving and playful and we love him to bits !


Thought you might like to know that Spencer is starting to settle in nicely. We love him to bits already, he is such a gentleman.
Jeanette, Stuart and Eleanor


Here is a photo of my boys with Jimmy and Rosie. They have settled very well :)


SABREENA (Formerly Dora)

Hi . Dora the cat has settled in really well I`ve renamed her Sabreena.  She was a bit nervous for the first couple of days but soon settled down. 
She is a very friendly cat but she still won`t let me pick her up just yet, she is eating well and using the cat tray.  I managed to get her collar on when
she was a bit sleepy. She makes no attempt to run out when I open the door. My ex neighbour came round Saturday night and she was fine with him. 
I am very pleased with her as she seems to be a good natured cat.. I`ve attached some photos 
 Thank You


A couple of pics from Ralph's second week with us, definitely part of the family now! 

BELLA (Formerly Bluebell) & LOUIE

Bella and Louie wanted to let you know they love their new home and after 2 weeks are feeling very happy...we love them to bits and we can't thank you enough for helping us to chose them. Kind regards Deb & Shaun Lewis.
They wanted to say.....

"I was a bit scared at first and hid under the bed but the humans gave me new bedding which I love and climbed in before Louie did. Louie gets on my nerves a bit and I sometimes give him a swipe but he usually deserves it. I have adopted Deb as my new human servant and Louie has chosen the other one - Shaun. I have almost trained the humans to clean the litter tray up as soon as it is messed even if it is 2am in the morning" Bella x

I have to confess that despite the fact I am a big strong boy, I cried like a baby all the way to our new home. I didn't need to worry we have a lovely home and my favourite thing is sitting on my human, Shaun, and nibbling on his t shirt. He does a lot of reading, the perfect opportunity to get some fuss! He gives up trying to read after a while as I'm very persistent. Louie x

We are very grateful that you looked after us and want to say a big thank you. We thought you might like to see us in our new home love Bella & Louie xxxx...



I thought I would send you a few pics of Tinny the cat, who we purchased from you in early June of this year. He has settled really well and has turned out to be a really loving family pet, although he can't help on the odd occasion placing his paw on our other cats neck and trying to bite it! We do wish he wouldn't leave us little presents in the lounge overnight.....sometimes three dead mice at a time! Many Thanks




Tink is loving it in her new home! Just letting you know she's doing fine. Tinkerbell enjoys a good nap, playing with her toys and eating Dreamies. :-) Thanks to everyone at Leicester Animal Rescue for looking after her. xxx

Sarah & Chris


Spoilt? Who? Me?


Hi all
Just a couple of pics from Ralph's first week with us. He's a crazy, affectionate, totally adorable boy. Thank you 
The Lloyd Family


Hi all
Just want to say a massive thank you for taking in Gordon and looking after him before he came to us.  
He is really a gentle giant and is amazing with the kids (And house). 
We are going to help him socialise a bit more as he is a bit hit and miss with other dogs who sniff him a bit to much (Something must have happened in his past).   
Please find some picture of Gordon and I’m sure you’ll agree he looks like he is settled in really well considering he has only been here 10 days.  
Thanks again 
Andy, Jenny, Jaime and Aimee


Hello guys, thought we'd give you an update on lovely Marley! It didn't take long for her to make herself right at home here, she's settled in wonderfully. She's enjoying a quick 20min walk in the mornings and doesn't pull with her harness and retractable lead, now we've got used to letting her be ahead on point- we think she feels that's her job in her new people pack! Her longer evening walk is her favourite and we took her across the fields on Sunday, where she really wanted to investigate bulls... I guess that's genetic ;)
We're completely bowled over by how excellent and loving she is, what a super personality she has... no wonder she was a kennel favourite! She's been out working with Trev and I've turned into a complete fuss monster, she's so content to be stroked and massaged every evening. Tom walks and feeds her and her effect on his wellbeing is nigh on magical.
We're so grateful she came into our lives and thank you so much for all the training and care you've put into her, you're absolute canine angels!



Hi there,
Thought you might like to see these pictures of Rosie and Freddy (was Jim!). They’ve settled in really well to their new home with their Auntie Millie and Uncle Ollie and the two dogs, Jake and Maddie. They’ve had their final injections and Rosie’s had her stitches out.
They went out for the first time on Saturday and charged around the garden with Ollie - they seem really happy and have fitted in well with the other animals.
The other picture shows them sharing some bikkies with Ollie!
Thanks very much for letting us take them home!Ian &Gilly Craig


Just to let you see Lexie looks like she’s settling in quite well



Hi there, Rosie is settling in well after we collected her on Wed.  She loves sitting by the big doors gazing out in to the garden!

Thanks for your help, Jules

THEO (Formerly Dodger)


Blossom's Kittens.
The one on the left is Leaf and the one on the right is Fumble. They're both
I'll email you when they've been speyed, which will be the beginning of
Many thanks


I just wanted to let the girls know that Lily and Luna (two of Rosies kittens) have settled in well, from day one really, and are a joy to have around. Lily, the one with more white on, is definitely the more confident of the two, and also the greedier one! My only problem is making sure that little Luna gets her fair share of the food at feed time.
My little boy loves them, and they all amuse each other really well!
Thanks very much.

TOUKA (Formerly Belle)

Belle aka touka . Touka is settling in really well shes a great dog and is already coming out into her own we both love her to bits. Big thankyou to you all. There are some pics of her first week with us. jac n andy x



Hi all,
We thought you might like to see how cleo is settling in. She is currently snoring her head off (very loudly) after a long walk. We love her to bits.
X x



Apologies for not getting in touch to let you guys know how Buttons has settled in over the past few months. So here's a little update, and thank you again for bringing the cheeky little furball into our lives.

We have renamed Buttons, she's now called Luna and seems to respond to it. But she's a cat so obviously responds much better to the shaking of a treat bag rather than her name.
At first she was very very shy, she spent alot of time hiding under my bed and behind the sofa. After a lot of patience though she's now super courageous - demanding cuddles from everyone who visits the house and running around the garden. She's really a character, she always greets us when we come home, and does a little yowl everytime she comes indoors to check there's someone in the house. 
But she's a real good little cuddler. She really seems to enjoy sitting on us on the sofa or when we're in bed for cuddles. There's been many times I've fallen asleep and woken up to find the cat sleeping on me still. She loves all this attention she gets, and we have little squeaky/meowy chats, especially when she wants her dinner. 
Anyway here's some recent photos of her looking fabulous. She also has her own instagram account (@lunatunaface) with more followers than me, if any of you ever wish to check in!
Hope yourselves and all the Animals are doing well,
Keep up the great work!
All the best,



We rehomed Sweety on Saturday and he is settling in ok so far (fingers crossed!)!





I adopted Cookie (male, 10 years old at the time) from you last year, around the end of March. 
I've also attached a couple of pictures of him - he is a very lovely boy and very lively for an eleven year old!
Thank you,




I adopted Leo from you on 18th Feb. Just an update to show he had settled in just fine! His favourite game to play is fetch with a hair bobble!! (I'm not sure if this has something to do with him being fostered with a dog before i adopted him). You recently wrote to me to remind me he needs neutering and he has been neutered today!
Thank you
Hollie & Leo



Hi thankyou for letting us adopt JJ he has settled into his new home really well he is such a loving cat. 



MARGAUX (Formerly Lucy)


Last March we adopted Lucy the saluki cross from you. We called renamed her Margaux and she wanted to say hello to all the kind people at her old home.

Woof, Margaux here. I have been in my new home just over a year now and I thought I would let you know how I am getting on. They keep me very busy here, I have a lot of jobs to do each day, mainly sorting through the rubbish, food tasting and checking for undesirables out of the window. It took me a while to realise that my new companions had a strange habit of sleeping at night and being awake in the day, so we all had very little sleep for a few months while I adjusted to their patterns. I still like a good bark at night, just when they are settling down, which I find hilarious.

My best friend tells me that you might remember him – he is called Montague, but used to live there with you as Duke. He’s great, I love to play with him when my grandma comes around with him, but sometimes he doesn’t like me jumping on him as much as I think he does.

I used to get very worried when my humans were out of the house, but they left me all these exciting toys and some lovely bones, so I look forward to it now. They take me on walks but didn’t like it when I ran off, so would not let me run on my own. Then they started giving me lovely things like hotdogs so I keep close and come back – most of the time anyway. I was quite scared of other dogs for a long time and thought my humans wanted me to protect them, so I barked and barked until the other dogs went away. But then the humans started given me nice treats every time I saw a dog and now I’m too busy looking for my treat to bother with the dogs. I prefer it when they are not on a lead though. I now go to a play centre where I mix with lots of dogs. My humans tell me it will make me feel more relaxed around new things but I just like the smells. They took me to a training course when they first got me and I got a rossette, despite me getting bored and yelling my head off a few times. I don’t think obedience is for me, I like to do my own thing and my humans don’t mind. They have taught me some fun things though like ‘high five’! I do this and I get a treat. As you might remember, I liked to jump up at people to say hello and I am no different now. I am told I look like a kangaroo sometimes because I like to stand on two feet on my own.

I have attached some pictures of me and Montague over my time here. I am told I might get a brother or sister in the future as I like playing so much. I’m looking forward to that! Thank you to all you lovely humans at Leicester Animal Rescue who took me in and looked after me. I am very happy in my new home, as is Montague.

Thank you, Margaux.


Hello, Montague here. Margaux is not my best friend, I just put up with her, she does share her toys with me though. I am loving my time with Ruby (my owner), she easy very easy to train and I even go to a hair dresser every few weeks. I have lots of dog friends and I also very much like those things called cats. I am told I snore a lot but Ruby doesn’t mind that. I have been here 4 years now I think and am very happy.

It has been a learning curve for all of us, but we wouldn’t be without either Margaux or Montague in our family. Thank you so much, Charlotte, Dan and Ruby



 TALLULAH (Formerly Izzy)

Hi everyone at Leicester Animal Rescue, remember me... just wanted to say hi and tell you how crazy I am





Hi Ladies
I thought I would send you a picture of Molly & Mia
They have adapted very well, Mia was a bit nervy at first but now she is finding her feet. Molly is her own self, she is more independent and loves nothing more than digging holes and catching mice.
They have got on brilliantly with our old Lab Bonnie.
They have been on numerous walks over the fields, all new at first but they are getting used to it and getting fitter.
They both love the water after they decided they would venture in.
When we are walking Molly always comes backs to a whistle and her name, whereas Mia either doesn’t know her name or she just ignores us as she never comes back.
They have settled in brilliantly and feel a part of the family.
I will send you an update and another picture before the end of the year



Hello everyone,
We have had Sol and Luna for 2 years now and they have brought so much happiness to our home. Here are a few more photos of them in their forever home, to share on your web page.
The Cowans



Hi All
Just a quick email to show you some pics of Diego and Mario. They're settling in really well and getting used to us very quickly. Both have great characters and are as crazy as kittens can be. More pics will come. Thanks again. Keep up the good work
Regards Will, Isy and James



Just to let you know that the girls have settled beautifully and have brought us great pleasure. We are delighted with our new additions. Thank you for looking after them and please send our regards to the previous owner. The girls will have a happy and lovely forever home with us.
Kind regards,
Alison and Jason




ZACK (Formerly Jack)

Update re Above dog which we collected from you on Thursday,23 June. Zack has settled in extremely well with his 2 new doggie friends..He enjoys his excercise in the local park,is eating well and has almost Sussed out the dog doors to the garden.I have attached a couple of photos.Thankyou for a lovely dog.Yours Sincerely,Harry.







Hi Everyone
I hope you have had a lovely Easter. Well a week has gone already since I collected Zeus. He has settled in really well and is well behaved. However, I'm going to need a bank loan soon for the amount of toys he has chewed up e.g. 3 tennis balls, 2 rubber rings, 1 squeaky bone, 1 small football,1 rope ball, 1 squeaky burger, 2 hard plastic balls. Some have been cheap but we are now on Kong's toys and he's started to take chunks out of them too!!!!
When he wants to go toilet he just sits at the back door and looks at me and hasn't had any accidents :-)
He's walking well on his lead and I am going to take him out on a flexy lead this week so he can have a run round the park until his recall improves. We went for a walk across some fields on Friday with my daughters Boxer and I let him off. They both ran around that field like they were on a dog track, trying to out do each other, needless to say Zeus was faster and carried on longer and came to me when I called him. It was really funny to see them both having fun and also that I fell off the style trying to climb over it to get into the field!!!!
Zeus loves it when we have visitors, the only problem is his jumping up on them. This is the next bit of training I'm going to address because he knocks two of my granddaughters over. Although he hasn't hurt them yet, just licks them to death, it needs addressing!!!
He hasn't visited the vet yet, I'm hoping to do this next week. Regarding you telling me he wont grow any taller, just fill out more????....lol. I've attached some pictures with this email to show you he is still growing bless him :-)
Kind Regards
Karen and Zeus Stafford-Ambrose






Thought I would give you an update on how Margot & Lilah are settling in – plus some pictures of them in their new home.  As you will imagine both were frightened to be in another environment and found a place out of the way (high window ledge in our conservatory as in photo) but they are now different kittens.  Lilah is still very wary and we haven’t managed to stroke her yet but she has gained a lot of confidence and is now tearing around the house with her sister – playing attack cat as she pounces on Margot. She is very sweet and she even meows a little bit now.  I don’t think it will be that long before she will come to us.  Margot has turned into a very loving, beautiful kitten and is often a lady of luxury stretched out on a cushion.  It didn’t take long for her to settle in and she soon lets you know when she wants cuddles with a lovely little kitten meow & a huge purr.

Thank you for letting us adopt Margot & Lilah. They are both very special and we love them to bits.

Best wishes,