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Dogs in need of good homes...

Things to consider before adopting a dog:- Am I able to give the exercise and mental stimulation a dog requires on a daily basis? Will the dog have someone with him/her for most of the day?  We insist that the dog is not left alone for more than 4 hours in the day.  Am I prepared for the costs associated with keeping a dog (i.e. vets bills and food)? All animals are micro-chipped, adults are spayed/neutered and flea/worming treatment is kept up to date.
We will ask that you visit any dog you are interested in at least twice.  Dog introductions may take up to 3 visits.
A home visit is required before any dog is adopted. This is to ensure that the environment is suitable (i.e. garden has lockable gate and fences are secure). Please call to book a viewing appointment:


Minimum charge for our dogs is £125.00
Please note all payments are cash only.


Please take the time to look at our "Dog Of The Month" page and read more about this lovely chap, Diesel.  He has been with us for a year now and we think it's time he had some luck!


JERRY LURCHER Male 1 Year Available

Jerry is a very friendly young dog. He loves all people and travels well. Jerry walks well on a harness and is friendly towards the other dogs here, having said hello to a few on his walk. Jerry should make a wonderful family pet. When out and about with us he is a joy to have around. Jerry is playful, but can also amuse himself. He came to us from Hope Rescue and was a stray.

KRIS ROTTI CROSS COLLIE Male 2 Years 3rd visit booked

Kris is a wonderful dog. He is very friendly with both people and other dogs and is used to family life having lived with small children. Kris is a joy to walk and will do well in any new home. With us due to him not getting on with the family cat.


Barney has made a real impression here. Everyone loves him. He looks and acts a lot younger than 5. Barney is quite excitable and needs a little lead training. Barney has had limited interaction with other dogs, so needs to be introduced correctly. He is very people friendly and is great to have out and about. Barney will be a wonderful companion to someone. He is used to an adult household, but should be fine with older children. With us due to an increase in working hours.

BORIS LURCHER Male 8 Years Available

Boris is a wonderful boy. He walks very nicely, no pulling and is friendly to everyone he meets. He travels well and is good with other dogs too. He used to live with his brother Morris. He has visited the vets for his vaccinations and has had a dental. Whilst there he met other dogs and people. He loved everyone. There was a cat there too, but as with most Lurchers he was very interested, so should not be homed with cats. Boris has had a full makeover and is now ready to start his new life with a new family. Boris came to us from Hope Rescue an was a stray.


Bridie is a return to the shelter. She was homed a few weeks ago and we have been told Bridie was perfect. She has been good in the home, travels well as long as she can't see out and had been good on her walks, meeting other dogs and people. The reason Bridie came back to us was due to an incident with another dog at the park when Bridie didn't feel like saying hello. This was a surprise to us as she had often been out and about with Jasmine and they never had a cross word. Bridie is also a regular at Melton market, when volunteer Judy takes her out for the day. Bridie also joined us on our sponsored walk this year too.

SOL STAFFI Male 5 Years Available

Sol is a lovely young dog. He was quite nervous when he came into the kennels, but a day later he is a completely different dog. He is very loyal, good on or off lead and loves to play ball. He came in with Luna and it would be nice if the two could stay together as they get along so well, but we will separate if it gets them a home quickly. He has lived with children, but should not be homed with cats. With us as he didn't like the cats in the home. Check out his new video, making a new friend!

LUNA RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK CROSS Female 4 Years 2nd viewing booked

Luna is a very friendly girl. She came to us with Sol and the two get along very well together. They love to run and play ball and show no signs of jealousy over anything. It would be nice if the two could stay together, but we know that is a big ask. Luna has lived with children and gets along with dogs, but cannot be homed with cats. With us because she didn't like the cats in her home. Have a look at her new video. Making friends.

FLY LURCHER Female 3 Years Available

Fly is a great young girl. She is quite the live wire at the minute. She loves everyone and other dogs too, she takes her walks with Boris or Ollie. Fly has been known to steal food from worktops, but is also very happy asleep at your feet. Fly was surrendered to the vets after an accident meant she needed her leg stitching and her owners couldn't afford to pay. Her leg is 100% fine now. She came to us from Hope Rescue. Fly will make a great family pet.

RINGO LURCHER Male 1 Year Available

Ringo came to us with Ollie. He is a typical young Lurcher with boundless energy. He does walk very nicely on a rope lead, but loves a run. Ringo is still a puppy and would need some training. He is boisterous with Ollie, but would make a good companion to a younger dog who loves to play. Ringo could not be homes with cats, but would love a family with someone at home to take him on long walks or play in the garden. He is not used to children, but would be fine with teenagers upwards. With us due to a tragic accident. Very reluctantly given up.

EVA DOBERMAN Female 7 Years Available

Eva is a lovely Doberman. She has obviously had pups in the last few months as you can see from her picture, but we will have her spayed soon. Eva is lovely to have out and about with us and in a home she will be a joy to have around. She is full of energy. On lead Eva does need some work, as she can be vocal when seeing some dogs. We have started to walk her on a halti type lead and this makes her easier to handle and more receptive to training. Eva is looking for a home with someone willing to continue her lead training. We were told she is ok with other dogs, but have not introduced her to anyone yet. She is also used to family life having lived with a small child. With us due to her owners not having enough time to devote to her.

LOLA HUSKY Female 1 Year Available

Lola is a very friendly, happy young dog. She ticks all the boxes having lived with another dog and small children. Lola has been introduced to staff dog Jasmine and they get along very well. She is out most mornings with Jasmine helping us with the cleaning. All the volunteers lover her. Lola also walks very nicely too. She is a joy to have around and really loves a fuss. With us due to a home move where no pets allowed. A must view!!

JUNIOR STAFFI Male 1 Year Available

Junior is quite a character. He does need some training as he can be quite boisterous and gets very excited when fussed. He is a lovely size and can walk well, but does get distracted when he sees other dogs. He is used to being an only pet with one owner and responded well to him. Junior is with us due to a no pets allowed rule.

AMBER CROSSBREED Female 3 Years Available

Amber is a wonderful young dog. She is nice to walk and a joy to have out and about with us. She is used to family life, having lived with a family. Amber can be boisterous at times. Being a young dog she still sometimes needs a confident handler. Amber is ok with the other dogs, she now comes out in the mornings with Jasmine (a staff dog) and they have a great time together, she would do well living with another dog, but should not be homed with smaller furry animals. With us as her owners found her boisterous.

KOVU HUSKY Male 10 Months Available

Kovu is a lovely young pup. He is typical of his breed, being quite vocal. He has been introduced to Jasmine (staff dog) and Rotti Diesel who has now found his forever home. They played nicely together. Kovu would do well as a second dog as he doesn't like being left alone for too long. He walks very nicely on his harness. Kovu is looking for an experienced owner who can continue to bring out the best in him. With us due to a change in circumstances.

BUDDY STAFFI Male 7 Years For Fostering

Buddy has had a bit of a health issue. So, we have decided that he either stays with us permanently, or we try to find him a permanent foster home. The benefit of being his foster home means that we cover his medication costs, as he stays in our name. Buddy is a wonderful dog to have around. He loves a fuss and enjoys his walks. Buddy does have issues with other dogs. He gets along well with a chosen few, but only a few. He is looking for a home in a quiet area where he will not meet many dogs on his walks. He is a favorite of shelter manager, Fiona and volunteer, Roger. He has been out and about with Fiona on many walks with Jasmine. Buddy is a dog you need to know to see what a huge personality he has. His medical condition means that he is on steroids for the rest of his life.

SCRUFF CROSSBREED Male 4 Years Available

Scruff is with us again. He went to a new home for a few weeks, but his new owners found him a bit more than they could cope with. He felt more bonded with some members of the household than others and made this known. Scruff is wonderful here, he loves everyone, human that is. Scruff should be an only pet. He has visited the vet and behaved well with both people and dogs he met as we walked in. Scruff is looking for a home where everyone is used to large breed dogs, if there are children they should be older. He needs some training with his walking, but he is worth it! Check out Scruff's new video with best pal Sam.

RUBY LABRADOR Female 7 Years Available

Ruby is a wonderful girl. Very friendly as Labs always are. Ruby does pull a bit on lead though and at 41 Kilos this means she could go where she wants! Ruby is used to children and is good with other dogs too, but not cats. She will do well in any new home. Ruby is looking for someone who is willing to help her lose a few kilos with lots of walks, or fun in the garden. With us due to the ill health of her owner. Very reluctantly given up.


Ozzy is a great young dog. He looks like a small lab. Ozzy walks very nicely and is very friendly with people. He is used to family life having lived with children and other pets. He would be ok with cats, but should not live with other dogs again as he was picked on in his previous home by the other dog. With us due to his owners ill health meaning they couldn't move out into their own place.

COOKIE GREAT DANE CROSS Male 4 Years Available

Cookie is with us again. He is a lovely boy, but a very large boy. He does walk well and loves to play. Cookie is looking for an all adult household, with people who are used to large breed dogs. He has been homed with children before, but he sometimes has an issue with food, which means he's best suited to a home where no-one will disturb him with his meal. He has also lived with another dog, but is best suited as an only dog.


Percy is a lovely looking and nice size dog. He was quite shy at first, but now he has come out of his shell he is a very happy confident boy. He walks well on a halti and loves to run around our field, occasionally checking in on us in the cattery. He is good with other dogs and is ok with cats too. Percy is looking for an owner who understands the breeds he is. He is always on the go and would love a big garden to play in. With us because his previous owners didn't have enough time to give him the attention he needs.

DIESEL STAFFI Male 10 Years Available

Diesel has been very reluctantly given up due to a new baby in the household being allergic to him. He is a friendly boy who loved family life, living with a children from newborns to 9 years old. He has not lived with other dogs, but is friendly and playful around them. He used to walk with Cass, but he has his forever home now. Diesel is such a friendly loving dog it's a shame he gets overlooked. Diesel ticks all boxes, Family, children and dogs. He will do well in any new home.

JAKE STAFFI Male 4 Years Available

Jake is a very friendly dog. He always has a smile on his face and just loves company. Jake is used to family life, being used to children of 8 years old. He likes other dogs, but not cats and walks very nicely on a harness. He is a joy to be around and will do well in any new home. With us due to a home move where no pets allowed. Check out more pictures of Jake on our "Dogs days out " page

BUSTER CROSSBREED Male 3 Years Available

Buster is a large athletic breed. He is still quite boisterous on occasion, but in his kennel is very loving too. He walks quite nicely on his harness and seems friendly with the other dogs as he passes. He is used to family life having lived with children and he has been around cats too. Buster is looking for an experienced owner who can bring out the best in this strong, high energy boy. Buster is with us due to a home move where no pets were allowed.

MISSY STAFFI CROSS Female 5 Years Available

Missy is a lovely looking girl. She just loves people and wants to please. She can be strong on the lead, but can also walk by your side to heel. She just needs a bit of consistency. Walking past the other dogs she is fine and has had a few hello's on lead. Missy is used to an adult home as an only pet. She should be fine with older children. With us due to a relationship split and a home move with no pets allowed. Very reluctantly given up.