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Dogs in need of good homes...

Things to consider before adopting a dog:- Am I able to give the exercise and mental stimulation a dog requires on a daily basis? Will the dog have someone with him/her for most of the day?  We insist that the dog is not left alone for more than 4 hours in the day.  Am I prepared for the costs associated with keeping a dog (i.e. vets bills and food)? All animals are micro-chipped, adults are spayed/neutered and flea/worming treatment is kept up to date.

We will ask that you visit any dog you are interested in at least twice. Dog introductions may take up to 3 visits.
A home visit is required before any dog is adopted. This is to ensure that the environment is suitable (i.e. garden has lockable gate and fences are secure).

Please call to book a viewing appointment.

Minimum charge for our dogs is £125.00
Please note all payments are cash only



POPPY JACK RUSSELL Female 3 Years Available

Poppy is a happy girl and has bundles of energy. She prefers smaller dogs but has not been around cats. She is a friendly girl and the reason she is with us is because she did not like the youngest child in the house. She tends to stay out of the way so she would prefer an adult only household or older sensible children


Lexie is a lovely girl with lots of love to give to everyone she meets! She has lived with young children but she does not like other animals and can sometimes pull towards other dogs when out walking. She will make a great family pet as long as you don't mind a bit of drool!


Charlie has a big personality for such a little dog. He was a scared dog when he first came in but he is slowly coming out of his shell. He can be nervous around new people so he will need someone patient and with older teenage children as he has never lived with children. He is not great with other dogs and should be the only dog but has walked next to a few and not bothered with them. He does not like cats. He is with us due to the ill health of his owner

BORIS BASSET HOUND Male 5 Years Reserved

Boris is a character. He is friendly and he is used to children from the age of 8 years old. He is fine with dogs but we do not know what he is like with cats as he has not been around them. Boris is with us due to his owner's working long hours


This friendly girl loves to be around people and is so happy. She is not a fan of other dogs however there are a select few she has made friends with! Marley did pull on the lead a lot when she first came to us but with regular walks she does walk relatively well. She can be homed with children over the age of 10 years and she does not like cats. Marley is with us due to her being too strong on the lead, with some training she will make an amazing companion. Please view her video below


Scruff loves everyone and often goes out with volunteers for the day as he is a real favourite here. Scruff should be an only pet although he does have a few doggy friends but he does have a fascination with small furries. Scruff is looking for a home where everyone is used to large breed dogs and can be firm but fair, if there are children they should be older only because we do not know much about his past. He is very friendly and loves the interaction with people and playing ball. Scruff came back to us due to his owners finding him too much to cope with.


Leo is adorable and such a happy boy. He is great with other dogs but does not like cats. He has lived with young children and would make a great family pet. With us due to a relationship split

BELLE GREYHOUND CROSS Female Approx 5-6 Years Available

Belle is a gorgeous girl and very friendly. She is used to very small children and is also good with both cats and dogs. She will fit into any household and is with us due to her owner's working long hours and not having a routine for Belle so she had the odd accident in the home

SKIP GREYHOUND CROSS Male 5 Years Available

Skip is a chilled out boy, good with other dogs but not cats. He is used to children from the age of 10 years and he walks a dream on the lead. He is with us due to his owner working long hours


Zeus is a happy young pup who has unfortunately had a few homes already. His original owner found him too much to cope with and he eventually ended up in a home with another dog but the other dog found him too boisterous. He is a friendly boy and good with most dogs but not cats. He has not lived with children and we would home him with older children because he is so boisterous and has no manners. Zeus will need some training and with a stable home he will make a fantastic companion


Barney (pug) and Ziggy came to us together and we will home them as a pair as Ziggy especially is attached to Barney. Barney is fine with other dogs whereas Ziggy is not so keen. Neither have been with cats but have both been around young children. Barney has had an eye removed


Khalua does not have time to be wasting at the shelter. She is with us because her owner cannot walk very well. Khalua is such a friendly lovely girl and needs a retirement home. She does not need much walking and would probably prefer a home with older children. She can have a bark at some dogs when out walking and she has not been around cats.

DERRY COLLIE Male 6 Years Reserved

Derry was reluctantly brought back to us through no fault of his own. His owner can no longer care for him due to unexpected health issues. Derry is such an affectionate boy and is used to children from the age of 10 years, good with other dogs but does not like cats. He loves to play ball and walks relatively well on a lead

WINSTON STAFF Male 6 Years Reserved

Winston is in desperate need of a home. He is not coping in kennels and is getting depressed. He is used to young children visiting but we would rehome him with older children. He has also not been around dogs but seems ok with some here but he is very overpowering. He does not like cats. He is such a friendly boy and has a lot of love to give

CLEO LABRADOR CROSS STAFF Female Approx 4-6 Years Available

Cleo is a lovely girl she is very friendly towards everyone she meets and is used to young children. She is hit and miss with other dogs and does not like cats. Cleo is with us due to her owners ill health and no one being around to look after her

QUEENIE STAFF Female Approx 5-6 Years Available

Queenie is a dainty little staffi who loves everyone she meets. She has lived with children from the age of 8 years and is good with other dogs but she has not been around cats. She walks well on a harness and would fit well into any home where she's not left for long periods. Queenie is with us due to her owners no longer having the time to give her anymore

GARY GREYHOUND Male 3 Years Available

Gary is a lovely boy and walks well on a lead. He is good with other dogs but not cats which is why he is with us, he was not getting on with the foster cats in the home. He is used to teenagers from the age of 14 years

MINTY JACK RUSSELL Male 7 Years Available

Minty has had a hard time since reaching his senior years. His owner died and he was brought to the shelter. He has been rehomed but has come back to us due to him being a very stubborn terrier and not liking being told what to do. Since being brought back it had been discovered he had a mass in his stomach and has had surgery to remove his spleen. Minty will need a terrier savvy owner as he can lash out when he does not get his own way. He is a real cutie and would prefer to be the only pet and somewhere he can have little and often walks


Floppy is a gorgeous young dog with lots of energy. He is very friendly and has lived with young children. He likes other dogs but does not like cats. He will need some training walking on a lead as he gets distracted by the other dogs! Floppy is with us due to his owner moving back to Portugal