Leicester Animal Rescue

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Dogs in need of good homes...

Things to consider before adopting a dog:- Am I able to give the exercise and mental stimulation a dog requires on a daily basis? Will the dog have someone with him/her for most of the day?  We insist that the dog is not left alone for more than 4 hours in the day.  Am I prepared for the costs associated with keeping a dog (i.e. vets bills and food)? All animals are micro-chipped, adults are spayed/neutered and flea/worming treatment is kept up to date.

We will ask that you visit any dog you are interested in at least twice. Dog introductions may take up to 3 visits.
A home visit is required before any dog is adopted. This is to ensure that the environment is suitable (i.e. garden has lockable gate and fences are secure). Please call to book a viewing appointment.

Minimum charge for our dogs is £125.00
Please note all payments are cash only.

We are seeking volunteers to help with the cleaning and walking the dogs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you are over 18,love animals and are able to get to the shelter please call us.

Please take a look at our new "Dog Of The Month" Eva

STANLEY LURCHER Male 4 Years Available

Stanley is a large lurcher, very friendly and loves to run around! He is very active and he also loves the company of other dogs. He has lived with children but has not lived with cats. Stanley walks well on a lead but does want to meet every dog he passes! Stanley came to us due to his owner not having the time to devote to him and give him the exercise he needs.


Scooby is a sweet little boy and loves to be with people. He is used to grandchildren visiting and would prefer sensible children as he can be quite nervous at times when overwhelmed - he is used to a quiet life. He came to us due to his elderly owner not being able to cope with a young dog. He is not good with cats and hit and miss with dogs. He is a lovely boy with bundles of love to give

STELLA ROTTI CROSS Female 4 Years Available

Stella is a happy friendly girl and loves a cuddle. She is a little overweight so she is having lots of walks to help shift the weight! She does pull a little on the lead at first and prefers calm dogs. She has not lived with children so we would home her with older children, she is with us as she was jealous of the new baby in the house.

PRINCESS LABRADOR Female 10 Years Reserved

Princess came to us with stones in her bladder. She has been through surgery to have these removed and she is one happy dog! She loves everyone and gets on with other dogs too. She probably should not be homed with cats but she is used to children. Princess gets a little excited on her walk to start with but she does calm down. She is with us due to being unwanted.


Bruno is a happy friendly boy who walks well on a lead, can be nervous of other dogs and we don't know what he is like with cats. He is used to children from the age of 9 Years. Bruno has some beagle in him and he can be quite vocal at times! This seems to be mainly for attention. Bruno will do well in any home. He is with us due to him being left alone all day.

LUCKY COLLIE CROSS Female Approx 3 Years Available

Lucky is a gorgeous young dog and loves to be out and about. She came back to us due to her love of the outside, her owners were struggling to keep her on a lead and she would wander off. She was originally rescued from Dubai and she would fit into a family home where she will get plenty of walks. She is ok with some dogs, she can bark at others. She loves a fuss from people and cannot be rehomed with cats

TIA STAFF Female 2 Years Available

Tia is a sweetie! She has such a big personality for such a tiny dog. She walks well on a lead, does seem interested in the other dogs when she passes them. She would probably be better off as an only dog and we don't know what she is like with cats. She has lived with children and loves cuddles. She can be quite excitable when she first sees you but she is a big softie. She also loves to play with a ball. Tia came to us due to her owner going into hospital

DEEFA LURCHER Male Approx 2 Years 6 Months Available

Deefa is a handsome boy. He came to us very nervous and quiet but he is starting to come out of his shell and really bring his lovely personality out. He is used to children aged 12+ and we don't know what he is like with cats. He seems friendly with other dogs but can be nervous. He is shy on first meeting but once he is your friend he will love you forever. He came to us as his owner went into hospital and could no longer care for him


Scruff is wonderful here, he loves everyone and often goes out with volunteer Tracy and her two dogs. They walk in the parks in Melton and he visits her home. Scruff should be an only pet although he does have a few doggy friends. He has visited the vet and behaved well with both people and dogs he met as we walked in. Scruff is looking for a home where everyone is used to large breed dogs and can be firm but fair, if there are children they should be older. He is very friendly and loves the interaction with people and playing ball. Scruff came back to us due to his owners finding him too much to cope with. Check out Scruff's new video with best pal Sam. Most recently Scruff went to Melton country park and joined a pack walk with our new trainer Sophie from The K9 Concept.

BENNY BEAGLE CROSS Male 11 Months Reserved

Benny is a young lively dog with bundles of energy. He is good with other dogs we're not sure what he is like with cats. He came to us because he can be possessive of his food so should be rehomed with sensible older children. He is very friendly towards everyone he meets and would do well with someone to take him on plenty of walks

CHARLIE STAFF Male Approx 8 Years Available

Charlie is a spritely boy with a charming personality. We do not know too much about him, he was found as a stray in Stratford and came to us through the dog warden. He is a very happy and friendly boy and walks well on a lead. He is hit and miss with other dogs and we would rehome him with children over 12 because of his unknown history.


Bruce is a happy boy. He is excitable and can be a little boisterous but he is a young dog and has a lot of energy to burn! He walks nice on a lead and is used to living with children from the age of 2 years. He seems fine with other dogs but can be overpowering. Bruce came to us due to his owners moving and no pets allowed.


Tara is a very friendly girl who loves the company of people. She Is used to being around children from babies upwards. Tara does not get on so well with other dogs. She is a pleasure to have around if you don’t mind a bit of drool! Given her size, she does walk quite well on a lead. With us due to her owner moving to a flat.


Kaiser is a gorgeous boy with a lovely temperament. He walks quite well and seems good with other dogs. He is good with children but we are not sure what he is like with cats. He loves to play and the interaction with people. He is also very chilled out. He came to us due to the ill health of his owner

JAVIER STAFFI Male Approx 4 Years Available

Javier was found wandering on London road in Leicester. He was very quiet and submissive when he came to us but he loves the company of people and loves nothing more than a cuddle, his walks and a game of fetch. Javier has put on some weight, since joining us and seems a happy boy. He is hit and miss with other dogs and we would advise that he be re-homed as an only dog, only because as he was a stray we know nothing of his history with them. That said he does walk very nicely past and along side the other dogs here at walking time, so would not be a problem when out and about with his new family. He is a joy to have around when out and about in the kennels. Take a look at Javier paddling in the pool!

COOKIE GREAT DANE CROSS Male 6 years Available

Cookie is a wonderful boy who just needs the right owner. Cookie is very well behaved in every way except when food is around with other dogs. He needs to be an only pet with no contact with other dogs in his home or theirs. He walks well and his last owner had no problem with him out and bout on his walks, but he had a partner with another dog and Cookie would have to stay at that house and problems arose. He has been home with a staff member for the day, met other dogs and behaved very well. We have taken him on our sponsored walk. We do stop and food comes out, but no problems when he's with us. Cookie will do well if he can just find the right owner. He has been with us for a while now and he is such a gentle giant, he would be happy with a rug to sleep on surrounded by his new owners.

EVA DOBERMAN Female 7 Years Available

Eva is a lovely friendly girl. She is used to family life having lived with children. Eva is also good with other dogs, but not cats. When walking Eva does get a little excited, so is looking for an experienced owner who can be calm and continue her training on lead. Eva will do well in any new home with a confidant owner who is around to keep her company. With us due to her owners working hours increasing.