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Things to consider before adopting a dog:- Am I able to give the exercise and mental stimulation a dog requires on a daily basis? Will the dog have someone with him/her for most of the day?  We insist that the dog is not left alone for more than 4 hours in the day.  Am I prepared for the costs associated with keeping a dog (i.e. vets bills and food)? All animals are micro-chipped, adults are spayed/neutered and flea/worming treatment is kept up to date.
We will ask that you visit any dog you are interested in at least twice.  Dog introductions may take up to 3 visits.
A home visit is required before any dog is adopted. This is to ensure that the environment is suitable (i.e. garden has lockable gate and fences are secure). Please call to book a viewing appointment:


Minimum charge for our dogs is £125.00
Please note all payments are cash only.



Bella, Archie and Scruff have all been with us for far too long.  We don't know why these lovely dogs get overlooked as they will all make great pets for the right owners.  If you have room for a larger dog, you might want to consider Scruff or a if you want an energetic medium sized dog Bella or Archie could be for you.

BELLA BOXER Female 2 Years Available

Bella is a boisterous girl, as Boxers can be. Initially she can be quite shy and reserved, but that is understandable as Bella is deaf. Bella needs an experienced owner who is willing to put time and effort into her training, as she can be quite excitable on her lead. Bella has lived with children, but again can be overpowering, so older would be better. She can get along with other dogs and likes our other deaf dog Daisy. With us due to her being given away on a trial basis and not getting on with the new owners dog.

JAKE TEERIER CROSS Male 8 Years Available

Jake is a lovely little man. He is a little shy at first, but very affectionate once he knows you. Jake is looking for a quieter home, possibly with an older couple. He is not used to small children, and it would be best if he didn't live with children. With us due to him not getting on with a small child in the home.

ARCHIE BEAGLE Male 1 Year Available

Archie is a typical strong willed Beagle. He is very clever and can learn, so he is looking for an owner who is willing to put in some time and effort. Archie can be stubborn and is quite dominant if he thinks he can get away with it. We would like someone who knows this breed with time to devote to Archie. If there are children they should be older i.e. teens upwards. He is a lovely, friendly, clever dog who just needs the right owner. With us as he was overpowering for novice owners of the breed.

KOVU HUSKY Male 1 year Available

Kovu is a young Husky with a huge personality. He has spent half of his young life in kennels and as a result has missed out on learning Some social skills needed to settle quickly into a new home. Kovu is very people friendly and also dog friendly when out and about, he loves to play but can become boisterous. For this reason he would be better as an only dog. Kovu is looking for an owner who knows his breed and can be firm but fair when it comes to teaching him manners. Kovu is a lovely boy, we love him and he is a favourite with the volunteers,he does need training, but he really is worth it.

SANDY LURCHER Male 4 Years Available

Sandy came to us with his pal Linton. He is very people friendly, and seemed dog friendly when he first arrived, but now he is comfortable in his new home can be lead reactive to ther dogs when walking. For this reason we are looking for a confident owner who can continue his training and understand his needs when out and about. He has become a favourite of one member of staff and we can't blame her because he is lovely with people. sandy just needs someone to understand him and be patient whilst he learns. sandy came to us via Hope rescue and was found with Linton as strays.

LUCKY COLLIE CROSS Female 2 years Available

Lucky is a lovely, friendly young dog. She is good with other dogs, having spent time with Asta and Jasmine. Lucky would not like living with another as she can be protective of her own space. Lucky was due to move in with her owner when he returned home from abroad, but his job fell through and Lucky was already here. She was staying with a family member, but they had another dog and that's why lucky is with us. They didn't get on. Lucky is very people friendly and will do well in any new home without another dog.

RUBY LABRADOR Female 7 Years Available

Ruby is a lovely girl. She enjoys being out and about with us and likes a game of fetch. Ruby is looking for a calmer household. If there are children they should be older and she will need to be the only pet as she doesn't always like to share the attention. Ruby needs a little training on the lead. She can walk nicely, but can also pull when she wants to sniff or greet someone. Ruby would do well with a couple with time to take her on nice long walks. With us as she wasn't getting along with the other dog in the home.

ROCKO JACK RUSSELL Male 1 Year Reserved

Rocko is a lovely little man. He gets along with everyone and does get along with other dogs as well. Rocko has been introduced to 3 staff dogs and been great, very playful. He walks very nicely too. He is used to family life and will do well in any new home. With us due to his owners long working hours.

CJ STAFFI Male 1 Year Reserved

CJ is a lovely small, compact Staffi. He is very friendly and loves a walk. CJ can be boisterous, so is looking for a home with someone who knows this breed, and can bring out the best in him. CJ is a joy to have around, quite calm most of the time, but he is still a puppy and loves to play. CJ has been used to family life and lived with a cat, but didn't have much to do with it. With us due to him being too much to cope with.

BARNEY COLLIE CROSS Male 14 Years In foster care

Barney is a wonderful lively old chap. He is very people friendly and loves a fuss. He sometimes demands it. As Barney is getting on in life, he can be a little deaf at times (we think sometimes selectively) He walks well, but slower, so would suit an older owner best. He doesn't have time to waste waiting around so please consider Barney if you are looking for a companion at home who likes just a nice stroll around the block. He has never lived with other dogs, but has met staff dog Jasmine and been fine with her. He got a little amorous with her brother Asta, but was friendly. With us due to a no pets allowed rule. Although we would like to find him a retirement home of his own we would consider long term fostering so Barney can live out the rest of his days in a home.


Scruff is with us again. He went to a new home for a few weeks, but his new owners found him a bit more than they could cope with. He felt more bonded with some members of the household than others and made this known. Scruff is wonderful here, he loves everyone and often goes out with volunteer Tracy and her two dogs. They walk in the parks in Melton and he visits her home. Scruff should be an only pet although he does have a few doggy friends. He has visited the vet and behaved well with both people and dogs he met as we walked in. Scruff is looking for a home where everyone is used to large breed dogs, if there are children they should be older. Check out Scruff's new video with best pal Sam. Most recently Scruff went to Melton country park and joined a pack walk with our new trainer Sophie from The K9 Concept.


Scamp is a lively little Terrier who is looking for someone who understands his breed. Scamp has not been socialised well and did have a tendency to nip when he thought someone was invading his personal space. Scamp has come a long way since then and has not attempted to warn us off. That said, he is looking for a special kind of owner. We would prefer an adult only household, but Scamp does get along very well with other dogs so, he would do well as a second dog.

RUBY DOBERMAN Female 8 years Reserved

Ruby is a beautiful Doberman who loves people. She does need a little work on her lead skills, but isn't too bad. She would make a wonderful family pet being good around children and other dogs too. Ruby is looking for someone who knows her breed, is home most of the day, as she doesn't like to be left alone for too long and can help her settle into her forever home. With us due to her owner leaving her with a friend and not coming back.


Winston is a wonderful large breed dog. He walks well, gets on with other dogs and loves people he meets out and about. Winston does however kennel guard and this unfortunately applied when he went to a new home a few weeks ago. He did not like a stranger to him entering his space. Winston needs help to overcome this problem. He really is worth it though because if he loves you he really loves you!

POPPY COLLIE CROSS Female 7 Years STRAY- Available 20/5

Poppy was brought to us as a stray. She has spent one month with her finder. Poppy is chipped and we are attempting to contact the registered owner, but the phone number no longer works, so will have to send a letter to her registered address. We do not hold out much hope that we will receive a reply. Poppy is very dog friendly and loves people. All she wants to do is play ball. She will make a fantastic family pet.

BYSON ROTTEILER Male 5 Years Available

Byson is a very large Rottweiler. He walks very nicely, but does like to stop and sniff an awful lot. A typical Rotti really. He isn't bothered with the other dogs, but has taken time to settle in to the kennels, and does need time to take to new people. He is wonderful when he does like you. When out in the field he loves a game of fetch and is very affectionate. Byson is looking for an adult only or family with older teenage children to take him home. With us due to his owners leaving the country.


Sapphire is a lovely girl who came to us a little overweight, but is now perfect. She was strong on the lead, but is now a joy to walk. Sapphire is a real favourite with the volunteers as she is so nice to walk. She is also wonderful when out and about with us. We know she will be the perfect companion in a home environment. Sapphire is not used to small children but would be ok with older teenagers. She would also need to be the only dog in the home, but we have been told she is ok with cats. Sapphire is looking for an experienced owner who is used to larger breeds. A lovely girl, full of love just looking for the right family. With us due to her owner being unable to keep her.

JAVIER STAFFI Male 3years Available

Javier was found wandering on London road in Leicester. He is a wonderfully people friendly dog who loves his walks and a fuss and a game of fetch. We are now in a position to re-home him. Javier has put on some weight, since joining us and made a new friend in Jasmine, but he does not like male dogs as much. With that in mind we would advise that Javier be re-homed as an only dog, only because as he was a stray we know nothing of his history with them. That said he does walk very nicely passed and along side the other dogs here at walking time, so would not be a problem when out and about with his new family. He is a joy to have around when out and about in the kennels. The picture was taken on a morning when he was allowed out to help with the cleaning. As you can see, he was very happy to sit with his toy.

COOKIE GREAT DANE CROSS Male 6 years Available

Cookie is with us again. He is a wonderful boy who just needs the right owner. Cookie is very well behaved in every way except when food is around with other dogs. He needs to be an only pet with no contact with other dogs in his home or theirs. He walks well and his last owner had no problem with him out and bout on his walks, but he had a partner with another dog and Cookie would have to stay at that house and problems arose. We have not seen it here, but all dogs are fed in their own kennels alone. He has been home with a staff member for the day, met other dogs and behaved very well. We have taken him on our sponsored walk. We do stop and food comes out, but again, no problems when he's with us. Cookie will do well if he can just find the right owner.

EVA DOBERMAN Female 7 Years Available

Eva is a lovely friendly girl. She is used to family life having lived with children. Eva is also good with other dogs, but not cats. When walking Eva does get a little excited, so is looking for an experienced owner who can be calm and continue her training on lead. Eva will do well in any new home with a confidant owner who is around to keep her company. With us due to her owners working hours increasing.