Leicester Animal Rescue

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Dogs in need of good homes...

Things to consider before adopting a dog:- Am I able to give the exercise and mental stimulation a dog requires on a daily basis? Will the dog have someone with him/her for most of the day?  We insist that the dog is not left alone for more than 4 hours in the day.  Am I prepared for the costs associated with keeping a dog (i.e. vets bills and food)? All animals are micro-chipped, adults are spayed/neutered and flea/worming treatment is kept up to date.

We will ask that you visit any dog you are interested in at least twice. Dog introductions may take up to 3 visits.
A home visit is required before any dog is adopted. This is to ensure that the environment is suitable (i.e. garden has lockable gate and fences are secure).

Please call to book a viewing appointment.

Minimum charge for our dogs is £125.00
Please note all payments are cash only



BLUE YORKSHIRE TERRIER Male 18 Months Available

Blue is a sweet boy and very friendly. He is used to young children and is good with other dogs but not cats. He walks well on a lead and is with us due to his owner moving abroad


Charlie has a big personality for such a little dog. He was a scared dog when he first came in but he is slowly coming out of his shell. He can be nervous around new people so he will need someone patient and with older teenage children as he has never lived with children. He is not great with other dogs and should be the only dog but has walked next to a few and not bothered with them. He does not like cats. He is with us due to the ill health of his owner

PENNY COLLIE CROSS Female 2 Years Available

Penny will need a special owner. She is a very affectionate girl but is very unsure and can bark at strangers she is not sure about. Penny has lived with young children but we will home her with older children. She is good with most dogs but has not been around cats. Penny will need someone patient who is willing to give her time to get used to her new surroundings

BELLA GERMAN SHEPHERD Female 7 Months Reserved

Bella is a cutie and full of beans. She can be nervous of other dogs to begin with. Bella has not lived with cats and she is used to children from the age of 8 years old. She is a ver friendly girl. She can sometimes get under your feet when walking but with some training she will make a great companion. Bella is with us due to the other dogs in the family bullying her

JAVIER STAFF Male Approx 5 Years Reserved

Javier (hav-ee-ay) has sadly been returned to us after over a year in his home due to his owner's splitting up. He is sad in the kennels and just wants to be with people. He is such a friendly boy and has briefly been around children in his new home. He is not a fan of other dogs but can walk next to some if they do not bother with him. He can't be homed with cats

LOUIE STAFF Male 5 Years Available

Louie is a gorgeous dog and has sadly been returned to the shelter after a few months of being in his home as his owner's children are now permanently at home and Louie did not take to them as well as his owner. He had lived with very young children to begin with but we will rehome him with older children. Louie has previously lived with another dog but did not get on and he should be the only dog in the home. He also does not like cats. He is a very friendly dog


Teddy is a shy boy on first meeting and takes a little while to come around but once he does he will love you forever! He hasn't lived with children but is used to young children visiting and is good around them. He has lived with other dogs but has not been around cats. He is with us due to his destructiveness when being left


Khalua does not have time to be wasting at the shelter. She is with us because her owner cannot walk very well. Khalua is such a friendly lovely girl and needs a retirement home. She does not need much walking and would probably prefer a home with older children. She can have a bark at some dogs when out walking and she has not been around cats.

KUJO CANE CORSO Male 2 Years Available

Kujo is a gentle giant. He came to us from the pound as no one had claimed him. Kujo is a friendly boy and seems friendly with the other dogs. He is strong so will need someone who can manage his size and we will rehome him with older children because we have no history

DERRY COLLIE Male 6 Years Reserved

Derry has sadly came back to us due to the ill health of his owner. He is a very affectionate boy and enjoys the company of people as well as other dogs. He has not lived with cats or children so we will rehome him with older children. As Derry has had a couple of homes now he has developed separation anxiety so would ideally need someone who can be with him most of the time. He loves to play ball and has a lot of the typical collie traits

BILLY WHIPPET Male Approx 5 Years Reserved

Billy is a friendly boy, a little shy at first but soon comes round. He was sadly dumped so we know nothing about him but he seems fine with other dogs but has not been cat tested. Because of his unknown history we will home him with children over the age of 10 years old

LOLA HUSKY CROSS Female 4 Years Reserved

Lola has sadly came back to us due to her owners relationship split. She came back to us with a skin condition that we have been treating. She has had possible allergies which should hopefully all clear up and her hair will grow back fuller. Lola is a friendly girl and is good with children and other dogs but has not been around cats. She walks very well on a lead and would do well in any home

RUBY JACK RUSSELL CROSS Female 5 Months Reserved

Ruby is a typical puppy loves everyone and everything. She is good with other animals and has lived with young children. She will fit well into any home and she is with us due to her owner finding her too much to cope with

MINTY JACK RUSSELL Male 7 Years Available

Minty has had a hard time since reaching his senior years. His owner died and he was brought to the shelter. He has been rehomed but has come back to us due to him being a very stubborn terrier and not liking being told what to do. Since being brought back it had been discovered he had a mass in his stomach and has had surgery to remove his spleen. Minty will need a terrier savvy owner as he can lash out when he does not get his own way. He is a real cutie and would prefer to be the only pet and somewhere he can have little and often walks

HUTCH STAFF CROSS Male 3 Years Available

Hutch is a handsome boy and loves other dogs. He has lived with young children but does not like cats. Hutch walks well on a lead and is a pleasure to have around. He is with us due to his owner's not having the time for him anymore